TERRAZZO – New trend in architecture and decoration

Terrazzo material is made into molds like faux marble and faux granite but has no resin at all!

It consists of chips – pieces of marble, quartz, granite, etc., poured with a cementitious material. After it is smoothed, it acquires a surface with a uniform texture.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, floors, linings, counters, tables, etc.

It is more scratch and acid resistant than marble, but not as much as quartz.

The art of Terrazzo may be similar to the mosaic technique to some, but in fact it is a more updated method that perfectly adapts to the contemporary pop culture trends in decoration.

The philosophy may have similarities with the retro aesthetics of older houses, such as the Venetian residences of the nobles, but now it has been enriched with more modern colors, fluo or even pastel shades, for a more refined and contemporary effect.

In a few words, it can stand worthy in every home and upgrade the space, even with a mix&match aesthetic. We will see this trend either in objects, such as coffee tables and frames, or in entire walls, floors, counters and bars.

You can visit the Showrooms in Kalamaria as well as the factory to see the materials up close!

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