Trends in rock choices

Following international trends, we see that natural materials, such as marble or wood, are not missing from the spotlight, although in recent years many artificial materials have come out that resemble natural ones.

The feel of natural stone cannot be duplicated in any artificial stone and for this reason it will always be first on the list of options.

Investing in a house, an interior space or even an exterior, what counts is not only the appearance, that is to say that it looks like it is, for example, marble, but that it is.

Lovers of natural materials know their most important advantage: that they will have a unique stone that will not exist in another application, because the waters and colors cannot be copied in subsequent mining. Each piece is unique!

It is worth pointing out that there are a variety of natural rocks on the market, with prices starting at €30 per square meter, which means that choosing some of them is not prohibitive.

In any case, marble prices are determined based on their rarity and appearance and not based on their quality.

Choose natural materials, which grow with us in the space, for a neutral feel in homes, shops or other spaces. Give the feeling of luxury by choosing a white Dionysus marble or apply the minimal aesthetic by choosing monochrome stones in shades of gray, such as the famous Pietra Serena sandstone.

In recent years, the trends are oriented towards white marbles with intense gray waters, such as the Italian Calacatta, but also in dark colors, such as black, gray and dark green.

You can see all the options of natural and artificial marbles and granites.

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