The company Alex.Solomonidi Bros CO is a family business started in 1966 in a neighborhood of Thessaloniki, with the purpose of processing and selling marble, in the form of blocks, slabs and special dimensions. Founders of the company were the four brothers of the family, Nikolaos, Dimitrios, Eleftherios and Theodoros.

The entrepreneurial spirit and hard work created the need for more space for an industrial plant, which led them to the area of Neochorouda where currently are the headquarters of the company.

From 1973 to 1989 the company had a fast growth by investing very early in the modern equipment, creating a vertical production unit.
In 1989, the second generation entered, acting alongside the founders until 1999. At the end of this transitional period and having gained experience, in 2000 the company was completely run by the second generation and so today is run by a group of seven descendants.

Since 2000 and realizing the new market demands and trends of the time,we started importing raw materials of marble, limestone and granite to create a wide variety of grades and colors. Meanwhile, we started exporting in other countries apart from Greece.

In 2003, we created a showroom in the area of Pilea, addressed to manufacturers, architects-engineers, interior designers and individuals.
The rapid rise involving the above movements, led us in 2007 to venture into investments such as technological equipment and the extension to new roofed facilities. The above steps have strengthened our presence in the field of marble and made us one of the leading marble companies in wholesale and retail.

In 2009, the company decides to expand its range of materials, dynamically starting the import of ecological products, artificial marble and artificial granite (quartz).
In the last decade, the company continues its upward trajectory in the domestic and foreign markets, constantly enriching its range of materials and renewing its mechanical equipment, as well as starting to have a quarry orientation, maintaining its optimism, despite the global financial crisis.
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