Why choosing marble as a material in your bathroom?

Since ancient times, marble has been considered one of the most widely used materials for the construction of a bathroom. From the Roman era until today, marble is famous for its resistance in time but also for its timeless classic beauty.

Whether it is a home renovation or a new construction, marble will give your bathroom a touch of luxury.

It offers you a wide range of colors, combinations and designs, with lines or colorful veins. The dimensions of the marble slabs can be large so as to give a very elegant effect. You can cover an entire bathroom wall with large tiles and you will have an impressive yet unique bathroom. Marble is always unique as no marble slab is exactly the same as another.


What kind of marble to use and why?


The kind of marble you will use depends on many factors. For example, if your bathroom is small, it would be better to choose a light-colored marble so that you can highlight the small space more easily. A dark colored marble can  create the illusion that the bathroom is even smaller than it actually is.

However, in a larger bathroom, your options are more as you are allowed to make color combinations or choose a dark granite which is even more resistant to the detergents we use to maintain the space clean.

Depending on the style you wish to follow (modern, classic, minimalist, etc), the corresponding selection of marble is made so that it fits harmoniously with the environment and achieves an excellent aesthetic result.

Why choose a marble sink?


The sink is one of the most basic parts of our bathroom. Due to its frequent use, what we are asking for is a material with durability and at the same time elegance.

For this reason you can be sure that the marble is the best choice. At the same time, such is the nature of this material that it gives you countless options.

You can choose any shape you want, from round and oval to square or some special design. At the same time, you can combine it with a wooden bathroom furniture as it matches perfectly with the marble and is a modern combination.


Why choose marble as a material for your shower?


The new trend in the bathroom is to use a shower instead of a bathtub. Marble can be used on shower walls in a bookmatch style, which means mirroring two or more slabs of marble to match the pattern, movement and veining found on the slab.

When the plates are placed end to end, the veins and movement continue from one plate to the next, creating a continuous flow and pattern. So with this technique your shower will acquire a special beauty and aesthetics.

In addition, based on the dimensions of the shower and if the space allows, you can combine a built-in marble seat or even built-in marble shelves.





Is it easy to maintain marble in the bathroom?


As far as maintenance is concerned, the first and main concern starts with the installation of the tiles in the bathroom. It must be done with the correct technique and slope so that there are no water residues in the bathroom, so that moisture and stains are not created.

Marble requires a lot of care in its maintenance and cleanliness. It is therefore very important to emphasize the choice of detergents we use. Regardless of the company and type of cleaner, acidic solutions should be avoided so that it does not lose its shine over time. It is therefore recommended to use a special cleaner for natural rocks.



There is no doubt that each marble has its own special characteristics and leaves its own imprint. As it is available in many colors and types, it allows countless combinations and great freedom for your imagination.

At Marmara Solomonidis you will meet specialists with knowledge and experience in the material and knowing the current architectural trends they will guide you in the realization of your vision.


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